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Arts in the Park FLYER IG_FINAL.jpg

On Saturday, June 10 from 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., Celebrate Westwood will be hosting local photographers, illustrators, painters, crafters and other types of creatives from Westwood and neighboring towns. The event will be held in Veterans Memorial Park located at Broadway and 3rd Avenue.  


This is the third year Celebrate Westwood is hosting artists and artisans as part of its Arts on the Avenues program that also places musicians along Westwood Avenue on Friday and Saturday evenings.  Arts in the Park 2023 evolved from Creative Bergen’s Arts Amble, a biennial event.  


Artists participating in this year’s event include photographers Benjamin J Faresich, Kyle Lagatol, Maria Aklian, Jodi Murphy, Anna Wojno-Oranski and Bergen County Camera; Painters Paul Manzella, Arleen Zabala, Elke Donofrio, Garry Breithaupt,      Laura Lee Hallada, Dennis Meeha, Nicole Zanetakos and Stefanie Jones; Graphic Designer/Illustrators Caithy Liao and Adam Cohen; Artisans Yellow Door Art Studio, Danielle Davies, Danielle O'Brien, Laurie Donnis, Michelle Fleischer, Nevine Sharif, Mercedes Amato, Carol McCabe, Edyta Ostrowska, Thomas Connell and Joe Rodriguez.


Students from Westwood Music Studios rock band program will also bring their musical talents to the bandstand during the event playing an eclectic mix of classic rock favorites. Attendees are also welcome to bring their own artistic skills to the park by creating sidewalk chalk art throughout the event.  Arts in the Park is a free event, and open to the public. 

39CDEDD0-F263-4DA9-8783-5456842D749A - Paul Manzella.jpeg
Paul Manzella
Gary Breithaupt
BD345982-D432-44FD-AC18-8C6452DF2A1F - Jean Meehan.jpeg
Dennis Meehan
Kyle Lagatol
0CCDA608-840C-481B-BC91-891244D185CD - Briann J.jpeg
Stefanie Jones
Arts in the Park FLYER IG_FINAL.jpg
Maria Aklian, Jodi Murphy, Anna Wojno-Oranski

Britt Sikiric

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