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richard frant

Editor's Note:  

It cannot be stated too often -- Richard Frant makes us look good!  

He probably didn't know it at the time, but when Richard volunteered to take some photos for us he became our Most Valuable Player!  Concerts, streetscapes, snow covered parks, local celebrities, dogs, flowers - Richard has captured the heart and soul of Westwood in his photographs ensuring a visual record of the borough in times of celebration and uncertainty.  


It goes without saying that Richard's contributions to Picture the Hub: Giving Time are invaluable.  He worked to bring out the smiles and personalities of all our celebrated volunteers.  We are overjoyed to have been able to work with Richard over the past 2 years. And like so many of the volunteers celebrated in this project, Richard probably gave more than he got.  Personally, we can say that Richard has taught us so much, not just about photography and visual storytelling - but about music (he's a bassist and avid Beatles fan), art, travel, local historical sites, business, and so much more.  


We're actually his biggest fans and not just

because he makes us look good!

Thank you Richard!

With Love and Much Respect,

RoseAnn & Lauren

If you'd like to see more of Richard's incredible work, visit his website: or following him on Instagram 


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