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Pictured here, the Celebrate Westwood ArtsHub YarnBomb on the corner of Irvington Avenue and Broadway.  The committee led by Heather O'Hara worked with the library to host yarn bomb creation days and orchestrated the display with local property owner.  Learn more about the yarn bomb here.


Singing, dancing, painting; musicians, artists, actors; filmmakers, designers, photographers.  In Westwood, our residents have shown an immense appreciation for the arts and the artists that use their talents to bring thoughtful, fun, interesting programs to our parks, stages and streets. In 2020 Celebrate Westwood had a unique opportunity to bring entertainment downtown to help create a spirited atmosphere for residents looking for more than a stroll.  The successful launch of Arts on the Avenue (rebranded as Music on the Avenues and Arts in the Park in 2023), has led to an expansion of the program with the goal of bringing more varied art experiences - painting, sculpture, photography, music and more - to our town.  That's why we've created ArtsHub!  The committee as already hit the ground running with the wildly popular YarnBomb, a kids community art installation at the library and a Gingerbread House display/contest (see details here).

As we ramp up our search for artists and musicians, we urge anyone interested in adding their talent to the mix to email us at  We are thrilled the Westwood Historic Bandstand has been able to serve as an auxiliary summer stage and are thankful to the Westwood Recreation Department for allowing the opportunity to bring live theatre, arts and small musical performances to Westwood.  

Look for our Call for Artists/Musicians in March of 2024 and for 2024 ArtsHub showtimes and details follow our Facebook and Instagram pages. 






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