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Celebrate Westwood Wants You to  #ShopLocal



Now more than ever, its important to support local businesses!  That's why we want you to #ShopLocal when you #ShopTheHub, #DineTheHub and #ExploreThe Hub!  Click on the icon above for list of local businesses in that category.  You can also give the gift of shopping local buy purchasing gift cards from your local retailers or by purchasing the Westwood Spend Local card, a digital gift card that can be used at participating Westwood businesses.  

Need some extra incentive, check out all the reason shopping local makes good sense according to the Westwood Chamber of Commerce.  #ShopLocal

Former Councilwoman Jodi Murphy also advocates for shopping local.  Here's her letter the Pascack Press November 28, 2020:

Support Our Westwood Business

Many of us have been impacted this year by the pandemic. While a vaccine is on the way, it may take months before it reaches all of us. Those months matter. What can happen during the upcoming months can adversely affect many in our community. Restrictions are tightening up, cases are going up, and members of our community are suffering. This pandemic is reaching into multiple facets of our community, but for this letter I would like to focus on our Westwood businesses. The holiday season is an important time of year for all businesses, but this year, more than ever, our Westwood businesses need your support. Restaurants, retail stores, and service businesses have been negatively affected by the restrictions placed in response to the pandemic. Westwood businesses have supported our community for many years, sponsoring sports teams, donating goods and services to fundraisers, participating in events like Home for the Holidays, and much more. Now it’s time for our community to give back.  

While the increased outdoor seating helped the restaurants get through the summer and fall, as we move to winter it will be harder for them to maintain that business. State codes in regards to tents and heaters make it challenging to keep outdoor dining viable. Limited indoor capacity does not allow for enough customers for restaurant owners to make ends meet. This is where our community can help. Order takeout when you cannot dine out. Many restaurants have family style menus to choose from, and several offer your favorite mixed drinks to go. Gift cards to restaurants make great gifts for friends, family, co-workers, teachers, and secret Santas.  

Before you “click to buy” please support our Westwood retail stores. With the variety of stores in Westwood you can shop for everyone on your list. For those who are not comfortable going inside a store, most stores are offering curbside pickup, and some are offering free delivery in Westwood and surrounding towns. If you cannot find what you are looking for, ask the store owner if they can get it for you. Your dollar will be more meaningful to a small business owner than a large internet sales business. If you need a gift shipped, asked the store owner if that is a service they provide. Many businesses in Westwood have websites and will ship all over the country.

Service businesses need your support too. Some have very limited capacity due to imposed restrictions, but there are still ways to show your support. Gift cards once again make a great present. If you are concerned about expiration dates, speak with the business owner. Many service businesses have goods for sale as well. Consider buying you hair care products from the salon, pet care products from the groomer, and so on.

The next few months will be crucial for our Westwood business owners. With your support they can survive. Let’s give them that holiday boost they are relying on.

For a listing of Westwood businesses visit:

Click on the link for an online edition of this week’s Pascack Press:

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