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westwood mayor

and council

Editor's note:  Celebrate Westwood wishes to thank and acknowledge Westwood Mayor Ray Arroyo (front, center) and Councilmembers Anthony Greco (back left), Rob Bicocchi (back left center), Chris Montana (back right center), Erin Collins (back right), Cheryl Hodges (front left) and Council President Beth Dell.  Their continued support and encouragement for Celebrate Westwood is greatly appreciated.  Below is a statement from Council President Beth Dell.

The current iteration of the Westwood Mayor and Council has been volunteering in Westwood for a collective 125 years.


As a Park Ridge High School teenager, I was driven over to Pascack Valley Hospital with some friends to volunteer in the coffee shop.  We took orders, served, cleaned and donated all of our tips.  Little did I know that was just the beginning of my time spent volunteering in Westwood.


Collectively there are so many organizations we have volunteered with such as school parent organizations and school volunteer committees, Girl and Boy Scouts, various sporting organizations (Baseball, Softball, Football, Soccer).  


Highlights include improving the little league baseball Field House facilities at Meadowbrook Park, finding a home for the Westwood Softball Association, establishing the Men’s Softball League and Westwood Flag Football League, the Special Needs Activities Program,  establishing the High School Courtyard, facilitating various scholarships for Westwood High School graduates, facilitating food and holiday gift assistance and Covid-19 Vaccinations to those in need.


Many of us became involved in volunteering as a result of our children’s school and extra curricular activities.  Little did we know what our efforts would yield in the form of employment opportunities, valuable friendships and heartwarming experiences along with the satisfaction of watching our community youth develop into fine young adults.  Our varied volunteer efforts led us all to the elected offices we now proudly hold for our beloved Westwood.

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