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12 Days of Christmas & 8 Nights of Hanukkah (in Westwood)

With respect to the much loved song "The Twelve Days of Christmas," let's be honest -- it's just not that easy to come by geese, French hens, and milk maids these days.  But here in Westwood, well, we've got some really interesting ideas about what makes the holidays in Westwood fun (and funny).  So, while you are out enjoying the sights, sounds, scents and shopping of the holidays in Westwood, consider our modest take, and remember to #shopthehub, #dinethehub and #explorethehub safely with your true loves.  

First Day.jpg
Second Day.jpg
Third Day.jpg
Fourth Day - Christmas-2.jpg
Fifth Day.jpg
Sixth Day.jpg
Seventh Day.jpg
Copy of Ninth Day.jpg
Fourth Day-3.jpg
4th day hanukkah.jpg
7th night hanukkah.jpg
Eighth Day.jpg
11t Day.jpg
Ninth Day.jpg
12th Day.jpg
Hanukkah - 2nd Day.jpg
3rd day hanukkah.jpg
5th night hanukkah-2.jpg
6th night hanukkah.jpg
8th night hanukkah.jpg
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