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Rashida tewarson


Editor's note:  This interview was submitted via email.  Due to a clerical error the wrong version of Mrs. Tewarson's interview was originally published.  We regret this error and any inconvenience or embarrassment it may have caused.  Mrs. Tewarson's intended comments appear below.

My name is Rashida Tewarson, a resident of Westwood for over 35 years. Right after I retired in 2013 I became an ESL tutor and have been enjoying it ever since.

Over the years, I have met so many people wanting to learn English, each one from a different part of the world. Our little Westwood Library is where I meet my students through the ESL Program. Of course, this is pre COVID and since March 2020 I am tutoring on Zoom and in Summer on many occasions in my yard, 6 feet apart.

Each one needing help not just with the English language but with so many different aspects of living here in Westwood. Most importantly, getting a job, filling out application forms, getting ready for interviews, transportation and communicating with their children’s teachers, coworkers and bosses.

The fun part of tutoring, for me, is learning about the different countries first hand from my students, their culture, their food, their history, political situation, family life and their holidays.

And what is most gratifying is knowing that each one of them tries so very hard to assimilate, work or study and lead a healthy productive life in our town.

I enjoy the vibrancy of our town and it is so good and rewarding for me to give back to this community I enjoy so much.

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