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Picture The Hub: Giving Time  

These portraits capture a slice of volunteerism in Westwood: a variety of volunteer roles and organizations; some new members and some who have volunteered for decades; many hold leadership positions in their organizations while others simply enjoy participating in the mission of their group. 


Individuals were nominated by members of the community. Each was invited to share their personal stories of volunteerism and the undeniable impact and benefit volunteering has on their own lives and their community at large.


It is the hope of Celebrate Westwood that by seeing the faces of neighbors and friends, and by clicking each portrait to read their unique stories, that other residents will be inspired to volunteer their time, talent, and treasure.


Portraits will be on display at the Westwood Public Library from March 14 - April 30. A closing event and Volunteer Night will be hosted at the library on Wednesday, April 27. Please register to attend:

CWW Vol- Maria Montana 20220122 0904 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Andra Bell 20220201 2598 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Mike Violano 20220120 0402 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Peter Meany 20220201 2546 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Lou Scheideler 20220202 2976 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Jim Gines 20220122 0847 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Nina Liv Jackie 20220117 9564 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Dan Olivier 20220120 0252 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Dee Ross Kalaman 20220122 0968 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Roei and David Mendez 20220120 0605 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Mayo Credel 20220122 0937 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- BOE Westwood 20220127 2285 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Tom Offerjost 20220228 1662 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Mayor and Council 20220201 2682 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Janet Dunn 20220124 1259 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- James Drew 20220205-3307 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Sally Roberts 20220121 0660 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Yash Risbud 20220203 3007 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Rashida Tewarson 20220122 0820 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Mark _ Roseann Brill 20220205-3288 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Lauren Lucanera 20220210 00045 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Jr Fire Dept 20220202 2901 v2 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Richard 20220122 0672 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol-  WVAC Jr Amanda Nolan 20220124 1157 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Christine Green 20220201 2631 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- George Tompko 20220203 3074 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Jr Friends Library 20220228 1703 (LowRes).jpg
CWW Vol- Jaymee Hodges 20220216-0858 (LowRes).jpg

Photos by Richard Frant, FrantVisuals; Photos printed by Bergen County Camera; Photo mounting by Westwood Art Gallery; Interviews by RoseAnn Ciarlante & Lauren Letizia, Celebrate Westwood.

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